Are you the SAT because I’d do you for 3 hours and 45 minutes with a 10 minute break halfway through for snacks, and then I can stare at you for like 10 minutes and think ‘wow, I hope I don’t ruin this.’
Dude on OKC with the best pick up lines I have ever heard (via katamarang)


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❁ sister signs ❁


it is very important that people know their sister signs, because the compatibility between two tends to get disregarded when in actuality you are the yin to their yang— their other half! it is likely that you may have had a friend/friends or a crush/crushes that were your sister sign (or the sister sign of your moon sign).

aries ➥ libra
taurus ➥ scorpio
gemini ➥ sagittarius
cancer ➥ capricorn
leo ➥ aquarius
virgo ➥ pisces


send me a ☀ if you see me as predominantly feminine, a ★ if you see me as predominantly androgynous, or a ☁ if you see me as predominantly masculine


Artist: 鎧ねこ











*nearby lesbian laughter*

*muffled asexual snickering*

*conflicted pansexual noises*

*moderately panicked bisexual muttering*


Laughter from anyone who realises condoms are not the only form of birth control.

Louder laughter from those that remember that STDs and STIs are an actual thing that happen whether one is on the pill or not.

Laughter stops as people remember that STDs and STIs are an actual thing that happen whether one is on the pill or not.

Literally everyone, regardless of orientation, mutters awkwardly and shuffles away as they remember that STDs and STIs are an actual thing that can happen to anyone who is sexually active, and not just heterosexual people.

*asexual snickering increases in volume*

This person is my hero


I fail to understand how tribalstuck can still be a thing, do you not understand what cultural appropriation is? Do you not understand that, at one point in time, the indigenous people were nearly wiped out?

My people were corralled behind fences like animals, we’ve had our land taken from us, we’ve had our animals killed to near extinction- our own race was nearly wiped out; my women were raped, my culture defiled and banned for a long time- to a point where we could not, and still to this day sometimes can not, freely practice our cultural ways

But one day, it’s suddenly okay for a bunch of children to think the idea of war paint and headdresses look cool, it’s suddenly okay for sacred objects and paints with meanings, and a culture with so much definition and respect behind it- suddenly to be defiled and dragged through the mud, all in the name of cosplay?

"But it’s not racist!"

Yes it is. This is as racist, as disrespectful, as you can get and there is no other explanation behind it! There is no defense to what you are doing, you are literal scum.

I don’t care if you put the hard work behind art and cosplay, you are disrespecting a culture and a group of people who were so wronged by society- and are still being wronged together- and you don’t care, because the worst you’ve ever dealt with is some bullshit words spread among classmates, or maybe a harsh word from your family- where you don’t understand what true oppression and disrespect is, so you can not begin to tell me that this is not racist. 

For those of you who need to. Take note.


Whoever called Sadie a cunt, I will hook up this transfusion pump, this IV set, and switch your blood with a yeti’s. You know, your blood in the Yeti’s body and the Yeti’s blood in yours.

One with the Yeti.

by さぶろうぐま


This is fucking brilliant, and totally explains why the cherubs got the ultimate gendered master classes, too. There wasn’t any other option but the most basic and fundamental classes and aspects. 
It also explains what’s up with the Beforans— they’re literally a bunch of fucking noobs.

Maybe the Squiddles have the dreambubble expansion pack.