Isn't Lance too old for Kotone? Why would Silver even worry about that?

LancexKotone is a fairly popular ship and is used as an obstacle in SoulSilver fics sometimes.

I can see Red and Green shit talking about Lance and making up rumours about him selling drugs/sleeping around


lance is concern n irritated about the mean glares from public while green n red laughs from mt silver

Silver quietly thanks them because he thinks the rumours lower Lance’s chances with Kotone.


five nights at freddy’s solution: be a furry. just be a fucking furry. throw on your fursuit go the fuck to work in furry fuck kingdom and yiff your way to victory

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"Aquarius during their alone time"

James and Barbara Gordon were terrible at naming kids
James: What should we name our son?
Barbara: How about.... James?
James: Great! And what about our daughter?
Barbara: Well the only name I can think of is.... Barbara?
James: I love how good we are at this. I'm gonna grow a dad mustache now

Its getting colder. You need a blanket.


Finally, an ancestor lineup with their jobs too!


it’s been a trying past few days